Clerk: Anna Evett telephone: 07714169901
Deputy Clerk : Jocelyn Cannings 07483127514
Email: or

Due to Coronavirus some of you are likely to be self-isolating, over 70’s and those
with underlying health issues are likely to be advised to stay indoors in the near
Your Parish Council is putting together a list of persons willing to help and persons in
need of help. This information will be shared with trusted partners. We will then be
able to offer co-ordinated assistance to those in need, due to self-isolating or
government advised containment.
If you need help or are vulnerable please either telephone or email. Please have or
send the following information:

Full name, address, telephone number(s) email address if you have one, tell us
if you are unwell & self-isolating or staying indoors due to govt. advice.
Tell us how many other people are in your household and their situation(s).
Contact details for a close family member could also be helpful.

If you are able to help please tell us your full name, address, phone number(s) email
address and what services you could potentially offer.

We hope to be able to offer help with shopping, collecting medicine’s, regular contact
by telephone and other essentials.
If you are already looking after the needs of someone self-isolating then please let us
know as we may be advised of their needs by someone else, we can then update
records accordingly.